My name is Sonny Cangiarella, I am known by most pigeon flyers as Fly Sonny. 

I was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 10, I flew High Flyer Pigeons on the rooftop of my house in Brooklyn, N.Y.
When I was 13 years old, I went to a pet shop in Brooklyn, N.Y. and saw some racing pigeons. 

 I asked the store owner how much the pigeons were.  He said 25 cents each.  

He told me to take them home and keep them in for two weeks. After two weeks it was okay for me to release the pigeons.

Well, I bought two pigeons and took the store owner’s advice.


To my surprise when I released the pigeons they flew up in the air and were Gone.  But the pigeons never came back.

I went back to the pet shop, and told the pet shop owner about it.  He said I probably had released them too soon. 

That day I returned back home empty handed.


One day I was out buying feed at the pet shop; for my High Flyers.  I met a man named Bernie Yokell.

Bernie said he had racing pigeons, and told me I could come over to his home with my father.

Well we did.  And as the story goes, that was the end of the high flyers, and the start of racing pigeons.

I never looked back after that.


In Brooklyn, N.Y.  I got married and had two boys.  We then moved in 1972 to La Habra, CA, where

I worked for Don Steve Chevrolet.  During the first week I worked there, a truck with metal

crates pulled in for repair.  The driver’s name was Dale William, I walked over and talked with him.

Dale said the truck was a Racing Pigeon’s Training Truck.  And that there was a club at his home,

the Colima Club.  Dale invited me over to the Colima Club’s meeting.  And from then on I was back in racing Pigeons.

More precisely, for the next 63 years, including today.


I flew pigeons in La Habra, CA for the next 22 years, with the Colima Club.

I also flew with the Compton Club in LA, & the Bonita Club  in Glendora. I flew the 99 Federation, the course was NW up the 99 Freeway.

And I started to fly the East Course Combine, out the 10 Freeway, east into Arizona. 

In the Freeway Club I was a Club Race Secretary.

In 1994, wife #4 and still married, I moved to Riverside, CA.  Where I raced with the San Bernardino Club, flying north up the 395 highway

And east with the Freeway Club, in Riverside, where I was the Club Race Secretary, and I also flew with the East Course Combine.

In 2003 I became the East Course Combine Race Secretary.  Since 2003 I have also been the Website Master.

I have held several positions, including Combine President for a couple of years, Vice President,

Recording Secretary, & Trailer Committee for many years since 2003, up until 2017.

I was a volunteer for the AU Winspeed, from 2007 until 2016.  

I have made many friends across the USA, Canada, and New Zealand & Puerto Rico

from helping out with Winspeed as a tech, which was nice.

I was also Unikon’s racing pigeon clock America Distributor for 15 years until 2017.

I also designed the CSRPO website and presently am the CSRPO’s website master.

I been involved in OLR since 1990, and design there website's and help out with all the actives.


Sonny Cangiarella,  aka, Fly Sonny